I’ve got the same question everyday about forex rebates. Most of them thought the rebates is not available for retail forex traders. Well, it’s hard to explain how easy it is to make money from rebates program and most new trader don’t believe it because they didn’t know how this thing works. This is why most of us waste this good opportunity to make easy money. Don’t waste your money buddy! You can start joining this programs today.

For a starter, I suggest you to get information on how your broker make money. I love it when a forex broker tries to tout their zero commission platform. Actually it’s not make sense if know how they operate and make profit. When you open your live forex trading account, usually after that we start to select a pair we want to trade. The spread a usually between 2-5 pips. but some of the pair is higher. Your forex broker has the ability to buy at the bid and sell at the ask. In other words, they take your order and immediately dump your order at bid or ask to make their profit or commission. Your trades in profit or lose, they made profit on both, this is the best if you become a broker.

Okay, suppose we trade GBPUSD with 4 pips spread. Most forex broker’s will be able to make $40 spread fee or “commission” for 1 standard lot as soon as trade is complete. Actually, in my opinion this is pretty high. If you are new, this is big problem because we are in trial mode and easier to go wrong in trades, until I educated myself and found out that I am the most important equation in their large profits. If these forex brokers did not have me, they would be out of business, so here we should go to broker agent and get our pay back from that spread fee we just paid. 0.5 pips and above is considered good to me.

Many referring agents offering 0.5 below are just greedy and want to keep more of your trading rebates then they have to. Sometime our trade goes wrong and drag us to a losing month, but if we combine with a rebates we still can get some of our money back and cover some of our lose. So the point is that if you are looking to open a live trading account with a forex broker, you should open that account via introducing broker that offer a rebate programs. Do your trade as usual with a currency pair you like, you should be able to earn yourself a nice little income on the side for every trade that you make.

We offer 100% InstaForex Rebate or 1.5 pips UNCONDITIONAL, no matter you lost or profit. Don’t waste this free opportunity to get pay back from your hard work. Register now on our rebate system at http://www.getinstarebate.com/registration.

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